Peter Meech is an author, screenwriter, director and producer. He also mugs for the camera on occasion.


His debut novel Billy (the Kid) was published in 2020 and garnered high praise from Larry McMurtry and Craig Johnson.


 According to the New York Journal of Books, “Meech’s story may be a fiction, but it’s told with charm, wit, a smattering of bloody realism, some of the longest sentences this side of Robinson Crusoe, and a complete lack of quotation marks. It’s also thoroughly enjoyable.”


His memoir, Mysteries of the Life Force: My Apprenticeship with a Chi Kung Master, was published in 2007 and has been translated into several languages. 


Recently Peter wrote, directed and produced Around Robin, a psychological thriller. The movie stars Clementine Nicholson, Torrance Coombs, Ann Pirvu and Peter Meech. The movie is slated for release in 2022.  


Peter has written for several television shows, including HBO’s The Adventures of Tintin (for which he was also voice talent), CBC’s Emily of New Moon, Fox Kid’s Masked Rider, Fox Kid’s VR Troopers, the Gemini award-winning Ready Or Not, and Robert Halmi’s Dracula: The Series.


Peter wrote for German television for two years and produced Jenifa in Japan with Robbie Robertson, starring Japan's heart-throb Takayuki Yamada and Odessa Rae. He has written, produced and directed several short films, including Winner: Best Short Film, starring Kevin Farley and John Farley. The award-winning short film headlined film festivals around the world and was invited by Michael Moore to appear at his invitation-only Traverse City Film Festival. 


Peter has freely translated and adapted Georges Feydeau's  A Tailor for Ladies for Sutter Street Theater, to be directed by Conrad Cecil.


Peter received a Master’s degree from Stanford University where he won a Stanford Nichol fellowship in screenwriting. He is a member of the Writer's Guild of Canada, the Writer's Guild of America, the Animation Caucus of the WGA, BAFTA, SAG, the Dramatists Guild of America and ASCAP. 


Peter divides his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.